Company Profile

We began in 1995 by developing residential lots in the suburbs of Lahore and evolved in building starter homes in Punjab Society annexed to DHA. Our quality of workmanship, integrity and professionalism earned so much business that we refused some work. After building hundreds of homes we were asked to join an elite group of Architects and Builders to build homes in the prestigious Defense Housing Society now known as DHA. We have been building custom homes ever since.


We have a team of best known architects on board and we only use top notch products for construction, after all, children elderly and the rest of the family will be staying under the roof of the house we build. It is our belief in doing what is right (not what other builders may be doing) that drives us to produce a durable house. It is our aesthetic senses and travelling all of the continents that broadens our taste for a pretty home and our imagination that delivers a uniquely beautiful home for you. If you can think it, we can build it!


While we have a vast experience of building in Pakistan our sister company has been among a prestigious design, consulting, remodeling and construction companies. The company in US began in hotel and property management, evolved in to development and opened design and selection centers in USA. The company has been affiliated with the,


The Lahore chamber of commerce and industry

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Home Builders Association

American Hotel Motel Association

National Association of Remodeling Industry

National Kitchens & Baths Association

And charitable association.


Designing, consulting and building for celebrities and famous people is a tedious job. While you are designing and consulting for them, there is an other group of designers and consultants that you have to coordinate with and merge your ideas to produce a great product, we have done that successfully and brought the innovative ideas to Pakistan. We have access to home building, kitchens and baths products from Europe, USA and other parts of the world. We can virtually match your 5th Avenue New York residence, A chalet at the outskirts of Interlaken to your house in Pakistan with the same quality and taste of architecture and decor that is the advantage of Construction Consortium.


Our offices in Pakistan, England USA and Canada serve our clients with their design and construction needs. You can buy a plot in Pakistan, approve a design and we can build for you with all works warranted and to the agreed upon specification. We have established standard operating procedures with the guidelines of American Society of Civil Engineers and Pakistan Engineering Counsel. Our verification and certification process is very stringent and at the highest level of quality assurance. Money is part of destiny but doing the right things, practicing high ethics and giving people what they deserve is a choice, we choose to do that and that is success.